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Mundus Ad Solutum: A Trio and Marauder Era HP RPG

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[Dec. 25th, 2004|07:54 pm]
Mundus Ad Solutum: A Trio and Marauder Era HP RPG
[mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]

Who- Snape and Tonks
Where- Corridors, Tonks' Chambers
Summary- Gifts, and Snape is uncomfortable while Tonks wants to cuddle XD. Will Tonks succeed in turning him into a cuddly bear?!

Tonks: Tonks wandered her quarters; she was spending Christmas at Hogwarts and was having a good time. She got presents from her parents by owl post. She had given away everything she had bought with one exception. A small package sat under her tree, wrapped in green paper and tied with a silver ribbon.

Snape: Severus Snape decided to work away the Winter Break. Currently, it was Christmas. He didn't have any family, so why enjoy the supposedly special day? But he couldn't help himself; he kept stealing small, barely noticeable glances at the present he had set out in plain view of whoever entered his potions lab.  It carefully wrapped in red…and green. 'It it just Christmas colours' he thought to himself.

But who was he kidding?*

Tonks: She picked up the box and ran her fingers across it. She hoped he would visit her, but it was looking like she'd have to find him. She looked around. Maybe he's in his office. *

Snape: Glancing at the gift again, a scowl twisted his pallid face. He knew he should leave. In fact, he didn't even know why he got the gift for the other. It just wasn't his thing. Maybe he should go to the Astronomy
Tower</st1:place> and throw it onto the grounds. Hopefully it would land on the Headmaster's head. Or maybe a Hufflepuff.

Heaving a sigh, he gingerly lifted the small present into his pale hands. Locking the door behind him, Snape left the lab.*

Tonks: She gave up and walked to the door, package in hand. She locked and warded her door and headed down to the dungeons. She wondered what he'd say, they hadn't discussed giving gifts, but when she saw it, she knew she had to get it for him. *

Snape: Walking swiftly, Snape surveyed the corridors. The castle was quiet…Well; he could vaguely hear Peeves making a racket a few corridors away. But, he would leave it to Filch.*

Tonks: She had her head down and was walking quickly. She didn't notice anyone else out, but then hardly anyone had stayed at the castle. She didn't see him coming when she ran straight into him. *

Snape: Snape grunted at the impact. But, besides being pushed back slightly, nothing happened. Muttering about cursed halls, he helped the other up.*

Tonks: She grabbed the hand that was offered to her before realizing to whom it belonged. She stuttered slightly, "Severus, what are you doing here?" *

Snape: Inside was a simple locket. Not a heart, but a rather odd shape. It was an elegant oval, small engraved vines seemed to grow outward and warp around the gold locket. Inside was empty, allowing for any pictures to be added.

With help, protection charms and a portkey had been charmed upon the small present. "Don't open it here."*

Tonks: She nodded. "Follow me." She led him back to her quarters; she checked the hall to make sure no one would see them entering the room. *

Snape: Nodding, he followed her. They were close to the Teachers wing anyway.*

Tonks: She opened the door and took a seat on her plush loveseat. She held the package for him delicately. Merlin, I hope he likes it. It was a silver ring with a pair of serpents intertwining around the flat top, with the initials SS engraved in. *

Snape: Glancing at her, he decided it wouldn't hurt to sit next to the other Professor. Gracefully sitting next to the woman, he gingerly took the nicely wrapped box from her smaller hands. He stared at it for a long moment.

Pulling the bow, he proceeded to unwrap it. He didn't rip the paper. He tugged it off before folding it neatly and slipping it into his robe pocket.

Glancing at the other again, he pried the small velvet box open. Smiling slightly, he picked up the ring and put it on.*

Tonks: "You like it?" she smiled. "I saw it and thought of you" *

Snape: Turning to her, he leaned to the side and gave her a chaste kiss. "Indeed I do." He tilted his head slightly. "Thank you"*

Tonks: "You're welcome" She blushed. She took his package off the couch and slowly opened it. She opened the box inside and smiled. "It's beautiful Severus. Thank you!" She exclaimed as she fastened the clasp at the nape of her neck. *

Snape: "You're welcome. It doesn't have anything inside, so you may add anything you desire." He shifted slightly. He would not admit, to himself or anyone that he had wanted to help her put it on.*

Tonks: She leaned in and hugged him, "You're wonderful Severus." She looked at him lovingly. *

Snape: He raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Now that is something I don't hear often. If at all."*

Tonks: "Well, you're going to be hearing it from me." She leaned in and sat herself against him. *

Snape: He gave an exaggerated mock sigh, "I guess I will be." He looked a bit uncomfortable but awkwardly put an arm around her. Well, it was awkward for him.*

Tonks: She smiled and snuggled in close. "I don't bite, I promise." She felt his body tense. *

Snape: He sighed very softly. "I'm sorry," he said just as softly. He gathered her into his arms and tried to relax.*