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[Dec. 28th, 2004|09:03 pm]
Mundus Ad Solutum: A Trio and Marauder Era HP RPG


Who: Blaise Zabini and Seamus Finnigan
When: A day after Seamus's detention with Snape
Where/What: Detention!
Summary: Seamus and Blaise deck the halls, and Seamus learns how much some spells can suck. Especially ones that involve liplocks.

Seamus: Detentions always sucked. Detentions sucked twice as much when stuck with someone you couldn't stand; at this particular moment in time, Seamus Finnigan hated life. He also hated Blaise Zabini, but there was nothing he could do about that. He trudged out of a main office into the hall, a box of tinsel and mistletoe and pretty, glittery things floating behind him. Their job? Decoration-- a job typically left for magic and house-elves, but now they'd have to use ladders and thumbtacks.


"You coming?" He snapped to Blaise over his shoulder, just a little sullenly, though he had no idea if the other boy were still back in the room or right behind him.

Blaise: The dark haired Slytherin was in rather cheerful spirits, despite the fact he was serving detention and with an irritating Irish boy. It wasn't that bad of a detention, come on, hanging up decorations? Please. Filch must have been quite disappointed. Oh, and Seamus was in such a sour mood, why not enjoy it and make life a tad more miserable for the other boy? Besides that Blaise was always in good spirits during this time of the year, just couldn't help it. Mm, maybe he'd get lucky and the Gryffindor would fall off a ladder and onto his head. Ah, what optimistic thoughts. Especially since he wouldn't get in trouble if that were to accidentally happen.

"Mmhmm, course." He returned, innocently strolling behind Seamus, the distance between the two was around three yards or so.

Seamus: Seamus stiffened a little bit, hands in his pockets as he slowed his pace; they were approaching an archway. Probably one that needed to be decorated, and lazily he glanced back at the box. "..aren't you pissed off at /all/? I mean, come /on/, it's detention." He managed not to look at Blaise as he grabbed for the box, lowering and pilfering through decorations.

Blaise: "Nope, I can't be, I'm on my best behavior for Santa." Not.. As if this boy would ever get anything but coal from any reasonably sane Saint Nick. Good thing he never had to depend on an old man in a red suit for his presents. Blaise gazed up over at the archway, seemed as if Seamus had unanimously decided that was going to be the first area to be decorated. He peered over the other's shoulder down into the box. "Anything good in there?"

Seamus: Seamus shrugged a shoulder, apparently too busy brooding over the fact that he was stuck in another evening of detention to attempt to counter-antagonize the Slytherin any more. "There's mistletoe. And tinsel. And, um.." He began to pick things out of the box, eyebrows raised high. "..red shiny bow-things?" He turned his face to the side, perhaps a little unnerved by how close he and Blaise were. "I guess we've got enough."

Blaise: "How much of the castle are we supposed to do?" Blaise questioned absently, reaching over to pull out what appeared to be a sort of gnome ornament... which promptly attempted to bite his index finger. Gack, violent, little pesky thing. He returned it to the box and pulled out a much safer item, a handful a tinsel. He let the silvered strands of...shiny stuff fall back into the box, portions ending up on the floor and Seamus' hair.

Seamus: Seamus laughed nervously, a little fidgety as he glanced over his shoulder at the Slytherin. "As much as we can cover in an hour?" He said, murmuring, then groaned and turned around suddenly, fisting his fingers in the front of Blaise's robe and landing a solid, almost apologetic kiss squarely on his mouth. Damn Snape. Damn potions. Damn Christmas mistletoe stuff.

Blaise: What the hell? Blaise let out a muffled yelp at the unexpected action...kiss.. All right, what drugs was Mister Seamus Finnigan taking? Unless his superior knowledge of most inhabitants was flawed.. Hmm.. Maybe the Irish boy had been harboring a secret crush on him for years and years and had abruptly chosen now to express it.. Aw, how endearing.. in a stalkerish sort of way. Hey, what would you think if it happened to you? So pretty obviously Blaise didn't push the Gryffindor away.

Seamus: Seamus broke away, a bright flush highlighting his face and tinging his ears. He'd spilled a potion on himself in a detention the day before, and was now forced to randomly kiss anyone who touched him or crossed his path. The effects would wear off in an hour or so, and had already been sincerely weakened-- but apparently not enough. "You didn't have to kiss me BACK!" He squealed, voice going up. He was horrified, probably more at the fact that Blaise was a decent kisser than anything else.

Blaise: Blaise arched an eyebrow, very much amused by Seamus' reaction. "You know, most people would be thrilled if they received a kiss in return for one they'd given. Are all Gryffindors strange like your or is that Irish blood?" A tinge of well earned grudge there, hello, the other boy had viciously attacked him before. Pent up hormones? He leaned in close to Seamus. "You're blushing." He noted carelessly before reaching out and pinching one of the boy's cheek. Tug. Smirk. "And kinda cute." Might as well enjoy this awkward moment for as long as it lasted.

Seamus: Damnit, damnit, damnit. Stupid potion. Not of his own volition, Seamus's head turned to the side after the pinch and he kissed at the fingertips, just because he had been /touched/. "I'm blushing because this is embarassing," he grit out, leaning back, trying to escape the hopeless closeness as he glanced down the hallway as if making sure no one could see them. "I only kissed you because I got splashed with a spell, okay? The same one that goes on the mistletoe, except it sucks a whole lot more to be me!"

Blaise: His gaze trailed over to the box of decorations, particularly focusing on the mistletoe content...so that's where all the enchanted mistletoe was.. And now he had a good supply of it.. Heh.. Er, now back onto the issues at hand. "Ooh, so then.. You only keep kissing me because that spell is forcing you too? Sounds a tad fishy.." Blaise skillfully cornered Seamus before closing in for the kill. "How do I know that you're not lying...like you did about the bite?" Nothing like using irony to its best advantage.

Seamus: "Ask Snape. Or any of the fourth year Ravenclaw girls, who found it funny as hell to keep shoving themselves in front of me--" it had taken him an hour to scrub all of the lipstick off of his own mouth, thanks to kissing other lipstick-covered ones "--or Hannah Abbot, or Dean Thomas, or ANYONE ELSE IN THE BLOODY SCHOOL." Seamus almost sounded desperate. Besides, he didn't want Blaise too close; he didn't want to kiss him again.

Blaise: Blaise blinked, well, the whole 'kiss me I'm Irish' seemed to be getting a lot of use even without the owner's permission. He couldn't help but grin slightly at Seamus' predicament. Hell, it was downright hilarious. And what a perfect time to implement some revenge for the whole Quidditch locker affair. "Oh, really? So you've probably gotten more kisses today then all the others in your life added together." He purposefully closed the distance entirely between them. "Who was the best?"

Seamus: Seamus attempted to back up further. He hit the wall and frowned, floundering for an answer. "I don't know!" He yelped out, shutting his eyes and turning his face to the side. "I wasn't really paying attention-- it's just.. hey, back up!" The Irish boy sort of lashed his hand out, but seemed terrified of touching Blaise again while he was doing it.

Blaise: He placed his hands up against the wall, one hand positioned on each side of the Gryffindor. All right, maybe he shouldn't be getting such a kick out of this, but, he most definitely was. Blaise shook his head in mock disappointment. "It's impossible to not notice if a kiss is good or not." He let his hands slip down to rest lightly on Seamus' shoulders.

Seamus: (Literally) unable to help himself, Seamus lifted his hands, splaying his fingers lightly upon Blaise's hips, though he didn't look at him yet. When he spoke, his voice was dark, angry. "You know I have to kiss you again now, don't you?" At least he was able to delay it a little bit, now.

Blaise: "Mmhmm, course I do.. Besides, you know you want to (No one can resist the Blaise Zabini charm...at least according to this particular boy's beliefs)." He teased with a little cocky grin playing upon his lips. He rearranged the hands he had on the Gryffindor's shoulders, shifting them about to drape them around the other's neck.

Seamus: "Want to? Want to?" Seamus's fingers curled loosely around Blaise's hips, and he groaned quietly under his breath as he leaned forward, the kiss deeper, a little longer than the one before, probably because they were nearly holding each other, now. His ears burned a bright red, eyes sharply green. "Can we just do our detention, /please/? I want to go back to my dorm.." He hadn't let go of him, yet. He was too distracted to realize he hadn't.

Blaise: Detention?...Blaise looked over blankly at the box of decorations.. Seamus must be joking.. Hmm, the choices, that or to continue doing this, since it was most likely a once in a lifetime event and all. "No thank you. Though... if I'd agree to the dorm bit if I was allowed to tag along with you." Chances of that happening..ever.. SLIM.. But, oh well, it was fun enough to offer to do so. "And you do want to. At least I do, you're really not half bad." And with that said, he slipped closer to the other boy.

Seamus: Seamus sighed quietly as he leaned forward and kissed him another time; the kisses seemed to get progressively more intricate, steadier and a lot deeper each time. He was now starting to do things with his tongue that would probably land him another detention if caught by the teachers. "Zabini.." When he pulled away, the word was a growled threat, but his arms slipped around Blaise's waist, low on it. "Stop. We've got work to do, and you.."

Blaise: Hell, he'd get detention every day if he could have sessions like this with some person or another. "Mmm...work can wait, Finnigan." Blaise purred, least to say caught up in this lovely little moment while nestling closer. Hello, he may be a Slytherin and all but that didn't mean he wasn't your average hormonal teenaged boy even if Seamus' seemed to be having a couple of glitches.

Seamus: "Damn it.." Kiss. "Damn you.." Kiiiisssis.. "Bloody hell..." Seamus shifted against him, leaning his forehead against Blaise and frowning at him. He was Certainly Not Amused. "You should stop. And leave me alone. And let me die--" twenty-second snog, and then he immediately resumed his sentence-- "die in ruddy PEACE."

Blaise: Blaise smirked in return to the other's facial expression. "If you had wanted peace then you should have thought a lot more before you attacked me in the locker room." Nothing like bringing up the past to create some irony. And then something else occured to this particular Slytherin. "Admit it, you really did bite me before." Might as well get that little mess cleared up and prove that he was indeed correct.

Seamus: "Okay, I bit you." Seamus sounded near helpless tears-- though he was really closer to just decking him again. "But I didn't do it on purpose.. like I'd ever let my mouth come ANYWHERE near you--" kiss "--on purpose." He shifted back a little bit, reaching up one hand, sliding his fingers through his hair and squinting his eyes shut. "Can you torment the hell out of me when I'm not in such a bad mood?"

Blaise: "Mm, I don't think I'm going to have as many chances as picturesque as this. Anyway, wouldn't my presence automatically put you in a foul mood so then there'd never be a time for us to bond" Blaise pointed out, evidentally easily pleased, enough so that he wasn't gloating over the little biting incident. He unhooked an arm from around the other's neck and trailed his fingers lightly along the Gryffindor's cheek, actually pondering over where he should pinch it. After all, that would promise to rile him up all the more.

Seamus: Seamus couldn't help it; blame reflex. He sighed, though it WAS a slightly annoyed one, as Blaise's fingers touched along his cheek. "Guess you have a point, but it's just all the more reason to stay away from me, isn't it?" He moved his hands from Blaise's sides up to his chest, though it was more of a 'I'm-trying-to-push-you-away-you-bloody-loser' than a romantic embrace. "Can you just punch me in the face and get this over with or something?" He leaned forward, dangerously close, letting his mouth linger against Blaise's, damning the curse mentally the whole time. "You want revenge for the other day, don't you?"

Blaise: Blaise gave a drawn out irritanted sigh to match the others as he shook his head from side to side in a rather lecture sort of matter. Really, it was just begging to be accompanied by a 'tsk, tsk' to be truly complete. Too bad it wasn't going to get one. He had to keep some air of serious after all. "Ah, but that would be the revenge of another person. Blaise Zabini (referring to himself the third person, such a bad and annoying habit, he really should work on losing it...someday) always prefers a different kind of revenge all together." And when it came down to it, the genre of revenge the Slytherin liked was probably of the most painful variety.

Seamus: "Humiliation? A senseless snog in the middle of the hall?" Seamus puffed out his cheeks slightly in a vaguely annoyed manner, glancing to the side and shutting his eyes for a moment. "Having to look at you? You don't exactly make a pretty picture, you know," he muttered, just trying to annoy him more than anything, now. This was, possibly, was one of the few times in Seamus's life when he would openly admit to preferring detention. "Zabini.." His hands slid down, to the crook of Blaise's elbows, pushing lightly. "Can we get to work now? Please? I don't want to be held in ANOTHER detention for not finishing this one."

Blaise: "Fine, fine. I can see you're just itching to get to hanging decorations." Insert dramatic sigh here as the Slytherin finally backed away from Seamus and giving him a 'you're-such-a-spoil-sport' glare. "Don't expect to get off the hook so easily though. It usually takes me a while to get a satisfactory amount of revenge." With that said, Blaise picked up a boa of gold tinsel and draped it about his own neck before getting to work. Oh, not to mention he was humming, some random even if jolly Christmas tune softly. A necessity to holiday decorating.

Seamus: Seamus gave him a terrible look behind his back and got to decorating himself. It was maybe a little over an hour before the box was empty-- it was late, he was tired. He wanted to go to sleep.

"Done," he said, leaning back and folding his arms across his chest, giving Blaise a look. Well, he hadn't been SO bad to work with.. at least he knew what he was doing. "So we can go now, right."

Blaise: Blaise was still wearing the boa, well, not exactly, the gold tinsel boa had been replaced with a silver one that he thought complimented his looks better, And he intended on keeping it for now, maybe he could hang it somewhere in the Slytherin dorms. There wasn't any Christmas-y there, not the usual sort anyway.

He mimicked the other, crossing his own arms over his chest, except he stuck his tongue out before he closed in on the Gryffindor. "Not just yet. I want a goodnight kiss."

Seamus: Seamus sighed and leaned back, then moved forward, wrapping his arms securely around Blaise's waist. Well, they were done.. and as long as he was obligated to kiss him...No one could really blame him, could they? It was the spell's fault, which was, of course, why he leaned over and did it again, kind of confused as it turned into a proper snog.


Seamus wasn't pulling away, and probably wouldn't for a while.

Blaise: Blaise thoroughly enjoyed the proper albiet lengthy snog, mmm, definitely had to get the formula to the potion that had caused this. Especially if it worked like that with everyone. Eventually it had to end, but of course, even if it took a forever and a day (People do need to properly replenish their oxygen supplies and all). Afterwards Blaise gave a contented sigh. Life wasn't whole without snogs. Nope, never could be.

The Slytherin smirked at Seamus. "I've got to admit Finnigan, that was lovely. Even if it was only a potion side effect."

Seamus: "Mmm." Seamus leaned back, flushing slightly as he slid his fingers through his hair. Well, it really hadn't been THAT bad.. "See you later," he muttered harshley, reflexive, then wrinkled his nose. "... well, I hope not." He pushed back his sleeve-- a little after ten. There was something.. odd about that, but he'd figure it out later. "Goodnight."

Blaise: The smirk spread into a much more sincere grin, it was too amusing not to. "You'll never have neat hair if you always touch it." Blaise teased, shaking his head as if lecturing. Then he waggled his fingers a little at the other as his interpretation of a wave. "G'night." And with that the dark haired youth was off.

Seamus: "Neat hair.." Seamus blinked at him as he left, then sighed and turned back to head to his common room. It was when he was waiting for one of the staircases to move properly that he realized just what was wrong with the time thing. He'd been hit with the potion at about nine the night before-- which meant it had worn off at nine PM that night.. an hour ago..

So that snog had been..


Seamus was flushing as he ran up the stairs and went to bed. What a way to end the night.


[User Picture]From: kenmarekestrels
2004-12-28 07:22 pm (UTC)
( OOC; Ack.. Well, we didn't really see this as 'major plot', but if it's like.. not approved, I suppose we could take it down? XD; *death* )
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From: potterisgreat
2005-01-04 01:04 pm (UTC)
LoL. It's fine.
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