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The time is fall of 1996. The war between good and evil rages on in the Wizarding World. Lord Voldemort and most of his supporters have been quiet through the summer, but there has been a great deal of activity with the Death Eaters. Many remain in Azkaban after the events at the Ministry of Magic over the summer.

September arrived, and Hogwarts remained as torn as ever. The usual Slytherin and Gryffindor rivalry remains in place, but some things have changed. Now that Voldemort's presence is widely accepted by the Wizarding world, things are different in the school. People now believe Harry and Dumbledore's story, and they know there will be a battle. The question is, when will it be?

Harry Potter was stunned to receive a pensieve from his headmaster. The object had belonged to his parents, and they left it with Professor Dumbledore shortly before going into hiding. Dumbledore had waited to give it to Harry, but he could not deny that Harry was ready for it now. After a long summer of debating, he gave Harry the pensieve at the beginning of the school year.

Classes remain as usual for the students. We catch a glimpse of what was going on in the sixth year of Harry's parents so that we can understand the scenes Harry sees in his newfound pensieve. The sixth years of present time, however, have plenty to worry about. Not only are there lessons and the ever-looming fear of the upcoming NEWTs, but there is the added worry of what Lord Voldemort is up to. Will he attack? Will he lay low? Only time will tell...

RP Rules Read!:
1. Canon characters must stay true to personality and appearance. It's ok to stray from canon because canon is hard to be 100% true to in an RPG, especially one that allows slash. We are looking for the obvious Canon characteristics. For minor characters, this is especially important. We don't believe in House stereotypes, but make it believable that your character would be in their House.
2. All plots that will affect other characters in any way must be approved by the mods and the characters effected. We will only turn down plots that the other characters don't want happening to them, or ones that are so far out there, it's hard to believe. Just make sure the mods know before anything major happens!
3. Smut. Some people enjoy it, and that's fine. When posting a log that appears to have smut, make sure you put a warning label on the log. Not everyone likes to read it, but it'd be nice if everyone was open to it. It must be believable. Students cannot easily access each others' dorms. Gratuitous sex isn't needed. Slash and smut are okay, but there are more important aspects to the RP.
4. We do require activity. A minimum of One to two posts is required a week. If we feel you are being inactive, you will be asked to step down.
5. Nobody is perfect, but good grammar and spelling are appreciated. There are many websites available to help you improve both, and LJ has a built-in spell checker. We accept that everyone makes mistakes, but try to use proper English. Chat speak isn't allowed. The following are some reference sites for spelling and grammar help:
Spelling Tips
Punctuation Help
Sentence Structure
6. All OOC conversations and notes must be posted in ad_solutum, our OOC community. Make sure you join that!
7. All RP actions will be in third person. Much of this will be done in AIM and logged in the main community.
8. When in doubt, ask one of the mods!

OOC LJ: laurad311 AIM: xBrkenHrtedLsrx E-mail: Mundus_ad_solutum@yahoo.com
OOC LJ: queen_hermione AIM: Heroine Hermione E-mail: Mundus_ad_solutum@yahoo.com

Go here for a list of all taken and available characters.

Here is a list of the taken characters and their contact info.

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At the moment, we are only accepting canon character applications. We may accept OCs in the future, but at the moment, we are interested in developing a strong cast of canon characters.

Send all applications to mundus_ad_solutum at yahoo.com

AIM/MSN: (Logging and RPing will go on in AIM most of the time, so it'd be helpful if you had it):
Character Desired:
Character Personality/Quirks/Appearance:
Sexual Preference (Bi/Straight/Gay):
Why should you get this character?
What actor do you intend to use to represent your character?
RP Experience (If you haven't had any, let us know, it won't be a huge deal!):
Sample journal entry (first person):
Sample of third person post:
Do you have any plot ideas for your character (ships included)? Answering no to this question is acceptable.
For adult characters who are not teaching, why is this character pertinent to the plot? How will you keep your character involved in the RPG if there are not many other adults outside of Hogwarts?
Anything else we should know?</b>